Ethics Council Members

Mark Aaron
Chair Tiffany & Co.
(212) 230-5301

Pamela Murphy
Incyte Corporation
(302) 498-6944

Bina Thompson
Colgate-Palmolive Company
(212) 310-3072

Tabitha Zane
Highwood Properties, Inc.
(919) 431-1529

Ethics Council Charter

NIRI, as the professional organization representing the investor relations profession, strives to maintain the highest ethical standards. The Ethics Council of NIRI was formed by the NIRI Board of Directors in March 2002. The Board formed this independent Council in order to elevate the importance of ethical issues and provide additional resources to the membership and the Board itself. The Council, comprised (initially) of former chairmen of the Board, is to act as an independent committee of the board regarding ethical matters that may arise in the practice of investor relations.

The primary functions of the Council are to:

  1. Provide advice and counsel to the NIRI Board of Directors regarding ethical issues, as requested, and recommend appropriate actions the organization may want to evaluate;
  2. Review the NIRI Code of Ethics annually to ensure it is addressing the needs of the membership and profession;
  3. Provide confidential advice to the NIRI membership at-large, assisting members with ethical questions and concerns and reaching out to members whose companies may be involved in publicly-announced ethical situations;
  4. Provide recommendations to the NIRI Board concerning the enforcement of NIRI's Code of Ethics. The NIRI Board will make all final determinations regarding ethical matters.

Approved by the NIRI Board of Directors
January 9, 2003