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NIRI Measuring Your IR Program's Success
Research Report

Measuring an investor relations program presents a number of challenges. Despite the challenges, there are numerous reasons to aim for clear and accurate measurement. There are as many ways of measuring success as there are ways of defining it.
This report includes:

  • Prevalence of IR goal setting by market cap
  • Types of IR goals set
  • Prevalence of use of metrics to measure success of IR work
  • Types of metrics used by IR professionals
  • Metric details and top five IR metrics utilized by IR professionals

IR Profession and Compensation

Corporate and counselor IR professional compensation trends including research from NIRI's unique partnership with Korn Ferry International. Data on base salaries, bonus, equity and additional benefits, career trajectory, IR budgets, reporting structure, professional and administrative staff sizes, as well as current demographics of the profession and their working environments.

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Earnings Guidance Practices

For IR professionals, providing what most commonly is referred to as "earnings guidance" is a core concern. Guidance practices trend data related to both company financial, and non-financial guidance, frequency of guidance, and periodicity of guidance. NIRI regularly conducts this survey in order to understand all facets of guidance practice and provide benchmarking data for best practices.

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The Annual Report

Annual reports are a significant investment for many companies and a key communications vehicle. NIRI tracks trends in annual report practices in order to help organizations benchmark against their peers. Data includes longitudinal trends on annual report production (both paper and online), types of materials included in AR development, key leaders in production of annual reports across departments, roles and responsibilities, overall and specific budget items and costs, and annual report assessment.

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Additional NIRI Research

IR Profession, Budget, and Staffing

NIRI and Korn Ferry partner to provide current budget, staffing, and profession benchmarking and trend data for corporate investor relations professionals.

Earnings Process Practices

Due to the highly-interconnected nature of the earnings process, NIRI has combined three previously separate research efforts into one comprehensive study and report about quiet periods, earnings guidance, earnings releases, and earnings call practices. 

Activist Investors

Details activist investor practices and company response including activist ownership of company stock, frequency and method of outreach from activist investors to a company, activist stated primary objectives, and company communication methods.

Social Media and Investor Relations

Investor relations social media use, which is activity focused on a company's IR program (i.e., where the investment community is the primary audience). This report details social media practices specifically for use in investor relations.

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