Setting the Standards of Practice for IR

One of NIRI's roles is to set standards of practice for the investor relations profession. The NIRI Board of Directors is responsible for defining and prioritizing the standards, forming broad-based working groups, conducting research, and developing standards documents for approval. The NIRI staff and Board will review standards periodically to assure that recommended practice is current. 

NIRI has developed three separate volumes of standards that address disclosure, earnings release content, and notice and access for distributing proxy materials. NIRI members may access electronic copies via the three links below. 

To purchase a professionally bound version of the most recently updated standards, members and non-members should visit our Online Store

In June 2018, NIRI updated its policy statement on guidance practices. Additional resources on this topic are available here.   

In January 2019, NIRI released a policy statement on ESG disclosure. More information on this topic can be found in NIRI's Sustainability Resources Library.   

For any questions about NIRI's Standards of Practice or policy statements, please contact Ted Allen, at, or 703-562-7681.